flat,800x800,075,t.u1WIPW is a platform for women working in IP. It was founded by Dr Hayleigh Bosher to promote gender equality in the field of intellectual property law.

WIPW provides a free directory of women working in IP, in order to make it much easier to locate women for collaboration, invite to speak at an event, or simply to connect with.

It is also network where women can connect, discuss, support each other and grow the IP community.

The key objectives of WIPW are:

  • To increase the visibility of women who work in IP by creating and publishing an open-access directory of women who work in IP. The database will enable people to search by name, location, or field of expertise.
  • To promote gender equality in IP and growing the global network of women who work in IP by connecting women through a local community, and a global network.


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